School and Classroom Rules

My goal is to establish a classroom where students will want to make the right choices and will want to be positively rewarded.  Classroom rules and consequences will be established and will be reviewed with the students continuously throughout the year.

Our classroom behavior system is very easy to follow. We have six rules that need to be followed to enhance our learning environment.

Our classroom rules this year are :

Rule 1- Follow Directions Quickly (Purple card)

Rule 2- Raise Your Hand to Speak or Stand (Orange card)

Rule 3-Respect Others-Respect Yourself- Respect Your School (Green card)

Rule 4- Listen When your Teacher is Talking (Yellow card)

Rule 5- Be Safe-Be Kind-Be Honest (Pink card)

Rule 6- Make Smart Choices (Red card)

Blue cards are WOW cards. If a student is caught working hard or doing something above and beyond what is expected that can earn a Blue card. At the end of the day their card gets a hole punched into it for every blue card they earned that day. When a students earns 10 star hole punches they earn a prize from the prize box and when they fill up the card they earn a bigger prize.

When a students breaks a rule I will ask them “What rule did you break?” The student will then place the particular colored card with that rule on it in their numbered pocket chart. They can earn more than one card of the same color if they continue t break the same rule.

At the end of the day the student will record in their agenda how many cards of each color they earn that day. You will be able to check their behavior daily.

Depending on the violations, the consequences could include one or more of the following:

  • a letter of apology
  • loss of time on the playground
  • a note or phone call home
  • a student write-up
  • a visit with Mr. Hahn (although I strive to handle behavior internally)
  • ISS / OSS


Please review the school rules with your student and sign the last page of the Handbook and return it to school.

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