There will be homework every single night; however, I will never make homework feel like a chore! And I will definitely never over-load them.  The school day is so long for a 7 year-old.  I’d prefer that when they get home they go outside, play, go places that will expose them to life, participate in sports or scouts, or rest.

You students agenda (Homework planner) and behavior notebook is for five weeks at a time.Please take good care of it and bring it home and back to school every single day.After completing your homework please have an adult sign the day.

As a second grader you are responsible to do you homework and follow the classroom and school rules and procedures. Not following the rules could result in loss of playground time or other fun activities. It could also reflect the quarter report card.

Nightly Homework:

  • Students will be expected to read nightly for at least 20 minutes.  Depending on their level and their books.  There will also be a reading response to go with the reading. A reading log will be utilized to track and hold them accountable.
  • Students need to study their math facts every night to help with their fluency of their facts. Each student has their own set of  addition and subtraction flashcards. Occasionally there will be additional math homework, too.  I will only assign it when I feel that most students are at the independent level. *Students will be tested weekly.
  • Students should also practice their differentiated word-study list through different activities.
  • Study sight words *Students will be tested weekly.

All of the homework is written in their agenda. Please sign the agenda nightly.

Students need to be responsible for their homework. I will not be accepting notes from parents for reasons that homework was not done unless it is an emergency. Homework is written in the agendaso even if you are out you know what homework is expected to be done. 

If you have any questions about homework, you can email me at maldrich@globalccs.org.

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